The Unknown Henry Miller

The Unknown Henry Miller

The unknown Henry Miller by Arthur Hoyle is a new biography offering fresh insights and detail about Miller’s Big Sur years.


Nexus Turns Ten!

The new volume of Nexus is now available, marking ten years of publication for The International Henry Miller Journal.

Paris 1928

Paris 1928

Paris 1928 brings Henry Miller’s long lost novel Nexus II to an English language audience for the first time. Readers are treated to Miller’s first reactions to Paris and to his initial meetings with friends like Alfred Perlès…

Mapping the Lost Paris of Anais Nin

Mapping the Lost Paris of Anaïs Nin

Upon reading Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer and Anaïs Nin’s diaries, I not only fell in love with the work, but the setting—1930s Paris. I would never be able to meet Henry or Anaïs, but I could retrace their footsteps by visiting Paris…


Nexus: The Henry Miller Journal

A new issue of Nexus: The International Henry Miller Journal is now ready for ordering! Volume 9 is packed with a variety of personal reflections on reading Miller, critical analyses of his texts, and penetrating portraits of the people who surrounded him.


Anaïs Nin’s Lost World

Upon moving to France, Britt Arenander set out to find the house in Louveciennes where Anaïs Nin had lived and where she first met Henry Miller. Delighted to discover the house still intact, she began seeking out other sites that were important to Nin…

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